Custom Glass & Mirrors in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mercury Glass&Mirror possesses an impressive range of available glass and mirrors for various purpose and style in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
By providing solutions for homes, offices and commercial sector, your style and comfort is our top priority.

We offer:

  • Mirrors: for reflecting the style and functionality of your interior;
  • Shower doors: make the everyday routine more pretty and convenient;
  • Glass railings: design that both opens the space up and provides security;
  • Storefronts: create an appealing image of your business by using our storefronts;
  • Glass partitions: make room space practical and fashionable with glass partitions;
  • Tempered glass: increased durability and high resistance to brute force make this material a preferable choice for a variety of uses;
  • Smart glass: re-define the concept of privacy and light control with this innovative material;
  • Custom glass: individual options like doors, shelves, panels, tabletops and many other options.

Main types of glass:

  • Clear Glass: simple glass with high transparency and light transmittance;
  • Bronze Glass: a warm bronze hue adds a special sensation to the room atmosphere;
  • Grey Glass: makes décor seem more mysterious and reserved;
  • Ultra Clear (Low-Iron) Glass: glass with minimal iron content provides maximum illumination and clarity;
  • Acid Etched Glass: opaque finishing increases sophistication and privacy;
  • Laminated Glass: consists of two glass panels which ensures additional durability and security;
  • One-Way Mirror Glass: a combination of both reflective and transparent surfaces is a perfect fit for security solutions and unique spectacular visual effects;
  • And many-many more can be found in our calculator!
Modern office under construction with open doors, reflective custom glass floor, and visible construction debris.

 Experienced specialists will help you realize any of your design ideas.
If necessary, they will carry out a preliminary measurement and install mirror structures.

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We are proud to provide only the highest quality materials and goods.

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A view of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, featuring custom glass and mirrors on luxury yachts along the waterway, with a modern cityscape and clear blue sky in the background.

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