Kitchen mirror backsplash

No kitchen can be considered finished if it lacks any item. The ideal option may be a custom mirror backsplash by Mercury Glass&Mirror.


Various glass products are produced here:

  •     antique and ordinary colored mirrors;
  •     tempered, laminated, and painted glass;
  •     storefronts and counters;
  •     doors for shower cabins;
  •     railings and partitions;
  •     other glass products of all shapes and sizes.
Kitchen mirror backsplash
This is carried out by qualified specialists, and the installation in the right place is done by the company’s experienced employees. Its office is located in Miami, Florida.
The company has many advantages, among which is the production of custom mirror backsplash, taking into account the requirements of the client. Thanks to automated production lines, all products are not only of high quality but with a long-term guarantee. There is no doubt about the quality of the products since all the company’s products meet quality standards. It is durable, wear-resistant, practical. A certificate of conformity is issued for each product. Depending on the requirements of the customer, Mercury Glass&Mirror experienced employees will produce glass and mirror products that perfectly harmonize with any interior items of the room.


In addition to making a custom mirror backsplash, the company’s employees measure the premises in order to prevent errors in the size of products during the manufacture process. The company’s experienced consultants will help those who cannot make a decision on their own. Since the installation is carried out by experienced craftsmen, everything goes quickly, efficiently, and without the need for improvements.


Recently, glass and mirror products have been in demand in Miami. This is due to the possibility of visual expansion of small rooms of small-sized apartments. Due to the huge assortment of backsplashes, solid mirror panels are chosen for a small kitchen. Many apartment owners prefer a three-meter-long custom mirror backsplash. Thanks to this size, a single canvas is created.

Preferential features of kitchen backsplash:


  •     protection of walls from grease and other unwanted splashes;
  •     incomparable functionality. Mirror, like glass, is enough to wipe daily with a wet and then dry tissue;
  •     external attractiveness that performs decorative functions;
  •     increased strength. This is explained by the technology of manufacturing mirrors – they are tempered;
  •     corrosion-resistance;
  •     resistance to temperature changes and household chemicals;
  •     resistance to mold formation and other types of harmful fungi.

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    Installation of a kitchen mirror backsplash


    The company’s craftsmen carry out the installation after the customer’s approval. An equally important feature of the kitchen mirror backsplash is its absolute harmlessness. This is due to the absence of pores in glass, which means that it is impossible to reproduce dangerous microorganisms that are invisible to the eye. Thanks to this product, any lamps and spotlights look original. Due to the effect of visual expansion of the kitchen, a lot of lighting devices will not be required. Here, the main positive factor is the order of products and not the purchase of finished kitchen backsplash.