Glass Table Tops in Miami, Florida

Furniture is an interior decoration, so it is important to choose it correctly. Today it is made from a variety of materials, including glass.
Glass tabletops have quickly become mainstream, and are now in high demand for those wanting to add style and elegance to their spaces. But perhaps they are most valued for their versatility. They can be made to order in Miami, Florida and shipped to you.

There are a wide variety of styles available today, from back-painted glass, crushed glass, textured glass, and even LED glass.You certainly won’t be short of options and reasons to choose glass tabletops.

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A modern, minimalist dining area with reflective surfaces and a glass table.

Glass for table top

Today, tables with glass tops look light and impressive in modern home interiors. They are made of tempered glass, which ensures increased strength and reliability of the material. Here are some advantages of glass tabletops:


Glass tabletops are eco-friendly. If you strive to be environmentally friendly, then this choice is most suitable for your interior. This is because glass is a recyclable material. Your table can be made from pieces of recycled glass fused together. This is of great importance for preserving the environment, since otherwise the used material would be sent to landfill.

Enhanced Durability

Worried about discoloration and scratches? If you want your kitchen tabletops to maintain their original appearance, then you don’t have to worry about choosing glass! The great thing about glass tables is that they are very durable and can withstand mechanical shock and hot kitchen items.

Requires no special care and does not spread infections

One of the most important characteristics of glass tabletops is their low maintenance compared to other materials. Being non-porous, they are able to prevent the spread of bacteria, making them extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

Wide range of design options

Crushed tempered glass creates a unique and beautiful aesthetic effect that can add personality to your kitchen. The material is always configured differently, creating a design that cannot be replicated anywhere else. With so many color options and combinations, there is a huge amount of choice available to the buyer.

Glass top coffee table

Glass coffee table tops can be further personalized. They are used both indoors and outdoors. The wide range of benefits glass coffee tables is one of the reasons for their popularity.

Glass Coffee Table Tops: Creating Openness and Space

Glass coffee table tops uniquely create a sense of openness and space in a living room. Unlike solid or opaque surfaces, glass allows light to pass through, making the room feel brighter and airier. This is particularly important in small spaces where maximizing visual space is crucial.

Showcasing Beauty

One of the standout features of glass coffee table tops is their ability to showcase the beauty of the base or supporting legs. Whether it’s a sculptural metal frame or intricately carved wooden legs, the transparency of glass allows these elements to shine and become focal points in the room. This adds a touch of flair to the interior and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the coffee table.

Durability and Ease of Cleaning

Glass coffee table tops are known for their durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike wood or other materials that can easily scratch or stain, glass surfaces are resistant to damage and moisture. They can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or glass cleaner, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.

Adding Sophistication to the Living Room

Glass coffee table tops add a touch of sophistication to any living room interior. The sleek and modern appearance of glass complements various styles, from contemporary to traditional. Whether used as a centerpiece in a formal seating area or as a stylish accent in a casual living room, round glass tops enhance the overall look of the room and create a sense of elegance.

Glass Top Dining Tables

A glass top dining table is a luxurious, attractive, and easy-to-maintain option that combines elegance and lightness. Glass tables have advantages that set them apart from more traditional ones. Learn about the benefits of a glass dining table to see if it suits your home.

Advantages of a Glass Dining Table

Glass dining tables are a less obvious choice in a market dominated by wooden designs.  The transparency of a glass tabletop creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Unlike other dining tables, a glass table does not obstruct the view, creating the illusion that the dining space is much larger than it actually is, which work wonders in small dining rooms that already can feel cramped. This makes the entire room feel airier. Since a glass tabletop reflects light more efficiently than other materials, it can brighten a dining room with limited natural light.

Another advantage of glass is that it is a non-porous material. Whether you need a quick wipe-down or have spilled red wine all over, cleaning it will be easy. All you need is a damp or wet cloth, and your beautiful glass table will be restored to its original state.

Choosing the Right Table

Many glass tables feature a surface over wood and other delicate materials, protecting the lower table from scratches and scuffs. This is especially relevant if you have pets or children.
Many tables come with shelves and storage spaces underneath. You can place books, picture albums, magazines, and other items you want to display to your guests. This helps give your room a personalized and stylish touch.

If you want to lighten up a room, clear glass can create a beautiful sparkle and shine under sunlight.
There are many options, so you can easily choose one that matches your theme. Glass comes in different thicknesses and colors, as well as layers and patterns. This way, you can find the perfect option that suits your contemporary or modern design.
A glass top table can transform the look of a room. If you want to add appeal and charm to your space and easily remove stains and scratches, a glass top table can be the perfect addition to your home! Custom-made furniture can be delivered to you.


Glass tabletops come in a wide variety of styles. The fact that they are more niche does not mean that glass dining tables come in a limited number of models. On the contrary, you can find them in all sizes and shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Oval

Glass dining tables are a particularly popular choice in modern interiors, with style directions varying. For example, the style of legs or pedestal alone can help emphasize a particular type of decor: more ornate shabby chic, French country, etc.

Glass tabletop is the perfect solution if you need a piece with beautiful looks and low maintenance costs!

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