Full-length mirrors

Large mirrors look original and stylish. They are able to transform any interior, make it more attractive and solid, and visually expand the room. If you are interested in obtaining an unbeatable visual effect, pay attention to the service of making custom full-length mirrors. This service is provided by Mercury Glass&Mirror. Specialists perform work at a high level of quality. Even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with the result.
a huge full-length mirror

Mercury Glass&Mirror and its services

Mercury Glass&Mirror specializes in the manufacture of glass and mirror interior elements. Here you can order the production of full-length mirrors, glass shower doors, railings, showcases, partitions. The company’s specialists offer different types of mirrors for different rooms (bedroom, kitchen and others). In the company, customers can order high-quality glass products that will meet all requirements and wishes. A product warranty is provided. Custom mirrors are made in Miami, Florida. Only highly qualified specialists are engaged in the manufacture and installation of mirrors. Products can be of different shapes and sizes. Tempered, painted, laminated glass is used in the manufacture of products. Mercury Glass&Mirror also offers customers an installation service.

Advantages of full-length mirrors

If you want to visually expand the space of the room, the ideal solution is custom full–length mirrors. Experts will help you make all your ideas a reality. Thanks to a large reflective canvas, the room will become brighter due to the reflection of the light of chandeliers and lamps.


The use of large mirrors in interior design is also a great opportunity to hide problems with walls. If there are some defects on them, then a full-length mirror canvas will easily cover them. The interior will become more attractive.

What to consider when ordering a mirror

  • Shape and dimensions. First of all, you need to decide on the parameters of the mirror. It is necessary to take accurate measurements. The shape of the mirror canvas will also be created taking into account your wishes.
  • Decor. Having correctly selected the decoration of the mirror canvas, you will get a true work of art. A beautiful mirror will be the pride of your interior.
  • Quality. In the manufacture of Glass&Mirror products, we use high-quality materials, modern technologies and provide a guarantee.
  • Installation. The installation of the mirror must be carried out in compliance with all norms and requirements by qualified professionals.