Tempered glass products in Miami

Mercury Glass&Mirror, with the main office in the center of Miami, has long established itself on the market as an authority in the field of glass products manufacturing.


Combining traditional methods with modern technological innovations, the company provides products of high quality and durability. The main components of Mercury Glass&Mirror’s success are an innovative approach, a team of highly qualified craftsmen and the desire to fulfill each order with perfection. High-quality custom tempered glass in Florida can be bought right here.

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Tempered glass in Miami: advantages of the material

This is a special type of material that has undergone a heat treatment process to increase its strength and safety. Unlike the usual analog, custom tempered glass has a number of unique characteristics:

The tempering process

It is obtained by rapidly cooling the glass heated to a high temperature. This process leads to the formation of internal tensions in the material, which makes it much stronger.

Increased strength

Due to the hardening process, it becomes 4-5 times stronger than usual. This allows it to be used in places where increased resistance to mechanical influences is required — in doors, partitions or countertops.

Safety in case of destruction

One of the key advantages of the material is that when destroyed, it breaks up into many small pieces with blunt edges, minimizing the risk of injury.

Heat resistance

Tempered glass is resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations, which makes it ideal for use in kitchen appliances or in places where the material can be exposed to high temperatures.

UV resistance

This type of glass blocks most of the UV radiation, preventing furniture and other interior items from fading.

 In modern industry and construction, custom tempered glass is made for specific needs. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its outstanding safety and durability characteristics.

Tempered glass products from Mercury Glass&Mirror


Mercury Glass&Mirror, located in the heart of Miami, offers an amazing range of products made of this material, each of which is created taking into account the latest trends in design and architecture. Here is a more detailed overview of their products:



Custom tempered glass doors in Florida not only adds elegance to the interior, but also provides additional security. They are ideal for office spaces, shopping malls and modern homes, providing a durable and stylish solution. Their installation does not cause difficulties.


They allow you to zone the space without losing light. They can be made with different patterns, textures, or color inserts to match any interior design.

Shower cabins

Custom tempered glass has become the standard for shower cabins due to its durability and safety. Mercury Glass&Mirror offers a variety of design options.

Countertops and kitchen backsplashes

Resistance to high temperatures and ease of maintenance make the material an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. The company offers a variety of finishes in Miami, including different colors and textures.

Facade panels

In modern architecture, the material is increasingly used for the decoration of facades of buildings. This allows you to create spectacular and bright facades that withstand the effects of weather conditions.

Balconies and fences

Transparent fences add lightness and openness to any space, be it a balcony, terrace, or pool.
From wall panels to vases, Mercury Glass&Mirror offers a variety of decorative tempered glass products that can become a real decoration for any interior. The company’s services include measurement and installation of tempered glass products on a turnkey basis. The entire range provides a guarantee for a long time.
tempered glass examples

Application of the material in modern design


High-quality custom tempered glass can be purchased in Miami at competitive prices. It is becoming increasingly popular in modern design due to its unique properties. It allows you to create lightweight products, providing a high degree of safety. In Miami, where innovations in architecture and design are especially appreciated, Mercury Glass&Mirror furniture has become a real trend in recent years.

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