Buy Glass railings in Miami


Glass partitions are used quite often as railings, firstly, it looks stylish — glass gives any room an aesthetic appearance. It is also quite safe, given that the fences form a solid partition.

Glass railings are suitable for stairs in residential or commercial premises. Mercury Glass&Mirror company has been manufacturing glass railings and other custom products since 2010.

Our team will help you choose glass, a mounting option and a handrail so that the fence is safe and convenient in everyday use. Glass railings will help to visually increase the space in your home. Also, the railing can be used as an additional lighting source.

Modern staircase with glass windows showcasing greenery outside.

Our works


Glass railing wall + gray mirror collumn+wine case from gray tempered glass


Glass handrail


Railings 1/2 clear tempered glass with mounts standoff


Railings 1/2 clear tempered glass standoff mounts


Remodeling old metall railling to glass railing


Advantages Mercury Glass&Mirror


Glass railings have the following advantages:

  • High strength — in the manufacturing we use the tempered glass, which can withstand mechanical influences.
  • An additional source of illumination — glass railings transmit light well, creating natural lighting.
  • They fit perfectly into the interior — glass can be used in a variety of rooms and harmonize with almost any design.

Mercury Glass&Mirror produces various glass products. Call us to discuss the details of your project, and we will help you choose the right glass railing for the parameters of your home or office. Our team is focused on ensuring that the work is done efficiently, and the product pleases you for many years.

In addition to railings, we manufacture the following glass products:

  • Shower Doors
  • Glass Partitions
  • Smart Glass
  • and etc.

Mercury Glass&Mirror also makes various types of custom mirrors:

  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Kitchen Mirror backsplash
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Closet doors mirrors

To ensure the quality, you can look at several examples of our projects on the website or read customer reviews.

If you have any questions, please contact our consultants by email, we work in Florida Miami-Dade County, Broward, West Palm Beach.