Custom glass doors in modern interiors

Custom glass has become a popular material in interior design. With its help, you can maximize the space in any room by multiplying the streams of light. The main thing is to learn how to choose the right glass components that can be successfully manipulated taking into account the style of the premises, and to perform installation according to all the rules.

The role of glass interiors

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, glass of various thicknesses can be used for interior decoration. In the kitchen, for example, stained glass windows, backsplash, and other glass elements fit perfectly and look very elegant, which allows you to maintain color saturation and create a very special atmosphere in the room. 

Custom glass doors will also be the optimal solution, regardless of which room they are used in. The kitchen is no exception if you buy or order similar products from trusted manufacturers in Miami. They offer only high-quality products with a guarantee. 

The advantage of contacting specialists is that they independently perform measurements and installation of glass doors and other products. This guarantees exceptional quality.

Modern living room with large glass walls and a minimalist design

Custom glass doors and other elements in the living room interior


This room has its own specifics, glass objects are appropriate here, and you can also use transparent partitions. This approach allows you to make the living room visually larger. Moreover, it effectively divides the room into functional zones. Thus, it is possible to exclude the classic wall, which is usually located between the hall and the kitchen, by simply pushing a glass partition. This arrangement also makes it quite convenient to accommodate a large company of guests.


Glass and bedroom – how compatible are they?


Custom glass doors and other designs today are very successfully combined in innovative bedroom projects arranged in Florida. As a rule, these are sliding systems, which include not only glass but also the thinnest duralumin profile. Such installations can be very functional, they do not take up much space, and they open and close practically and safely.

The use of glass in the bedroom interior allows you to effectively divide the area and even define a work zone. Such combined designs in the process of dividing a room are considered quite common and are widely used by top designers around the world.

Separation of the bedroom by glass partitions

Where to order glass products for the interior in Miami


If we are talking about Miami, Florida, the representatives of Mercury Glass & Mirror, which produces custom–made glass doors, showers, storefronts, railings, partitions and other, sometimes the most unthinkable designs, can help in creating the most original interior elements for customers, regardless of which rooms they are intended for. Shapes and sizes can be absolutely any. Both manufacturing and installation are performed only by qualified specialists, who have considerable experience in this area of activity. All work is carried out in a team, thanks to which the design turns out to be absolutely diverse. 

You can buy custom glass doors, as well as other products made by professionals quickly and with a guarantee in Miami if you contact representatives of Mercury Glass & Mirror. In their work, they use tempered, laminated, painted glass, colored and antique mirrors – from all these materials it is possible to make both custom glass doors and everything else. Both measurements and installation can be ordered here, in Florida. This company has already established itself as one of the best.

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