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Glass & mirror custom solutions for commercial and residential premises.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our many years of experience.


About Us

Welcome to the Mercury Glass&Mirror website!

Our company is engaged in the manufacturing of custom glasses and mirrors in South Florida. Mercury Glass&Mirror produces glass shower doors, railings,
storefronts, partitions and other glass products, as well as various types of mirrors, for example, for kitchen or bedroom. Satisfied customers are already enjoying our
products, check their reviews on the website.

In order for the work to be done correctly, the installation and manufacturing of products are carried out only by qualified workers. Mercury Glass&Mirror company
provides a full range of services for the manufacturing of glass products and mirrors for interior design. The professionalism of our employees allows you to create luxury products made of glass and mirrors that will decorate your home or office and will last for many years.

staircase with transparent glass railing

Our products

transparent glass shower door

Glass shower doors will look stylish in the bathroom and emphasize all the elegance of your interior. Our doors are made of durable glass and steel fasteners. The size of the doors can be any, depending on your preferences and the area of the bathroom.Reliable glass shower doors will complement the interior of your home. Contact our specialists and we will make shower doors for the bathroom depending on your

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Glass railings will be the final addition to the stairs in your home or office. Transparent railings are a popular design solution today, unlike conventional railings in the form of gratings, glass ones will be able to visually increase the space and add aesthetics to the interior.Imagine how impressive your house will look thanks to the glass railing, to fulfill this dream, contact Mercury Glass&Mirror specialists.

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transparent glass railing
opaque glass partition

You can install glass partitions in the room, which will be an excellent alternative to conventional doors. This design solution is often used in office spaces and apartments as glass partitions help to increase the space and open the view to other rooms. We make both transparent and frosted partitions, depending on your wishes. Custom glass partitions can divide the space or serve as transparent doors. Contact Mercury Glass& Mirror to allow our company to make your interior even more elegant and stylish.

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Is an innovative glass product that can become transparent or opaque when exposed to the current. This is how it works: between two sheets of transparent glass there is a liquid crystal film, to which a low voltage is applied.
Without voltage, liquid crystals are arranged randomly, scattering the light, so the glass becomes frosted. When the mode is turned on, the arrangement of liquid crystals is ordered and the glass becomes transparent.
Such glass can be an excellent alternative to blinds or curtains, but, unlike them, frosted glass does not darken the room.

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switchable glass walls

Custom Glass Products

Mercury Glass&Mirror company manufactures a variety of glass products for your home or office. If you want to order glass countertops, shelves, cabinet doors, or other designer glass products that will give commercial or residential premises a modern look, contact our company managers.

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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of modern homes. Our mirror options can easily create the appearance of a large space and add additional light in the rooms. Mercury Glass&Mirror manufactures:· Bathroom mirrors
· Kitchen Mirror backsplash
· Full-length mirrors
· Mirrored partitions
· Mirrors for cabinets
To clarify the full list of our custom glass products and choose the right one for your home, contact our consultants.

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Why choose Mercury Glass&Mirror?


Depending on your wishes, we can make glass and mirrors products that will be a perfect fit for your home or office. You can be sure of the quality of our products, they meet all safety requirements and will complement the interior and delight you for a long time. If you doubt which product to choose, our consultants will be happy to help you choose a product that will be made specifically for your premises.

You can contact us by e-mail:, we work in Florida Miami-Dade County,
Broward, West Palm Beach.


To ensure the high quality of our services, you can view photos of our works in the gallery or read reviews by satisfied customers.


Such excellent service is a rear thing! I called in the morning and guys went to the next day!!! They were at my house about half and hour and they installed the biggest mirror and cleaned after it! So they made everything perfectly, fast and clean!


Thanks for great job!
I recommend contacting this company, they do unique tasks and projects. Professionals!

Ian D.

Manager was very nice and tried to find the best time for me as I was looking for the nearest date! I was moving out and had lots of issues to fix in the house! They are really professional! The patio glass door was changed, they fixed kitchen cabinets and even fixed all the holes and in walls and tiles in bathroom! So I am very glad to find this guys! Highly recommend )

Alex P

Great company. Honest, quality and delivered my order on time. Most important the price was the best I got within 4 quotes I reviewed for my project. Highly recommended. Thanks Ian for the amazing job. I will be using you again for any glass work that I have!!!!"

Ahmad S.

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