Smart glass: a new generation of innovative materials

Smart glass has proven itself to be an innovative material for commercial and residential premises. It is worth talking about its features.
Switchable glass is an innovative product in the field of modern technology. With its help, the degree of transparency of the glass is adjusted depending on the external conditions and the desired effect. The material has already managed to prove itself on the positive side. Smart glass has a number of advantages and features that are worth considering in detail.
Material Features
Such glass, known as smart or electrochromic, has the ability to change its transparency under the influence of electrical voltage. The essence of its work is to use a thin liquid crystal film located between two sheets of material. In the absence of electrical voltage, liquid crystals in the film are arranged randomly, scattering light and turning the surface into a matte one. When electricity is applied, the crystals are arranged in a certain order, which leads to an increase in the transparency of the material.


The process of switching between states usually takes several seconds to several minutes, depending on the type of smart glass. This material is available in various forms, including a film that can be applied to existing material, as well as in the form of ready-made panels.


Among the advantages of smart glass are its efficiency and versatility. It provides the necessary level of privacy and comfort without darkening the room, unlike traditional curtains and blinds.


Smart glass has the ability to adjust the amount of light transmitted, which reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. This leads to energy savings and reduces the load on air conditioning systems, reducing the cost of cooling the premises.


The material has the ability to block up to 99% of UV radiation, which is an important advantage for protecting interiors from fading and people from the potentially harmful effects of UV radiation.

Areas of use

One of the significant advantages of the material is its versatility in application. This is due to its unique features that allow it to be used in almost any conditions and for any needs.


In commercial premises such as offices, shops, restaurants and hotels, such glass can serve as a functional and stylish interior element. It can be used as partitions, which can be transparent to create an open space or opaque to create private areas. The use of smart glass in showcases and windows can provide optimal natural lighting and protection from UV radiation.


In residential premises, the material is used as windows, doors, partitions and interior elements. It provides an increased level of comfort and convenience for residents. Smart glass helps regulate natural light, create privacy at the right moments, and also reduce air conditioning costs.


Smart glass is an innovative product that can bring more comfort and functionality to everyday life. The material is ideal for both residential and commercial premises.

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