Modern open-plan living space with glass partition, featuring a dining area and a lounge with warm lighting.

Selection of glass partitions for the office

Office glass partitions are an excellent solution for creating a comfortable working environment, such partitions will add style to the interior and provide a comfortable workspace for employees, which is an important factor in a successful workflow.
Mercury Glass&Mirror specialists from Miami, Florida are engaged in the production of custom glass and mirrors, including the manufacture of custom office glass partitions. The company’s professionals will help to make measurements, select materials and carry out high-quality installation according to all standards. The company manufactures office glass partitions of all shapes and sizes with a guarantee

The company provides a large selection of different types of custom office glass partitions:

  •     Stationary. Their upper side is fixed to the ceiling, the lower side is fixed to the floor. This mounting option provides an increased level of sound insulation.
  •     Mobile. Such partitions imply the absence of installation and the possibility of movement.
  •     Transformable. Such glass partitions are used to divide the space into zones, if you want to make the interior more functional, the transformable type of partitions is ideal for such purposes.
  •     Sliding. In such products, you can slide apart two leaves to the sides or the one which allows you to transform the interior due to the functionality of the partition.
  •     Folding. Such custom office glass partitions fold like an accordion, they are also easy to transform the room to the conditions you need.
  •     All-glass. The peculiarity of all-glass partitions is that they are devoid of frames, such a feature gives the partitions visual lightness and adds style to the interior.
  •     Frame. The frame type of office glass partitions is the most powerful and reliable, since such partitions are equipped with supporting steel or aluminum frames.
  •     Single and double partitions. Double glazing is an ideal option for arranging meeting rooms, executive offices, as well as call centers.
Modern custom office glass partitions are a great alternative to wooden and metal structures. Products made of so-called smart glass are especially popular. Innovative technologies are used in their production, making the material transparent or color-changing. This feature is achieved due to the effect of an electric current on a liquid crystal film located between two glasses. They can function as curtains or blinds. Mercury Glass&Mirror also offers a range of tempered, painted, laminated glasses.

If you want to equip your office in a modern and stylish way, to increase its comfort and functionality — contact Mercury Glass&Mirror.