Advantages of buying custom mirrors

Mirrors are an important part of any interior, because they are not only practical, but can also become a stylish element of decor.
Mirrors are an important part of any interior, because they are not only practical, but can also become a stylish element of decor. They visually expand the space, reflect light and create a feeling of greater brightness in the room. They are also used to accentuate certain areas of the interior or highlight design features.


Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, from classic rectangular to unusual and abstract shapes. They can be placed on walls, ceiling, floor or even used as furniture elements, such as tables or dressers with mirrored surfaces. You can order and buy a custom mirror on the Mercury Glass&Mirror company’s website.

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Features of custom mirrors

If you want to decorate the interior, then you should consider ordering a custom mirror, it will have a number of advantages that make them attractive to many people. Here are some of them:

  • improved functionality. For example, they can have built-in lighting, integrated shelves or hooks for storing items, as well as be transparent or darkened;
  • custom design. You can choose not only the shape and size of this element, but also its frame, finish and other details so that it fits perfectly into the interior of your home;
  • suitable size. Custom mirrors are made in any size to fit the specific space in which you plan to use them. This is especially useful if you need a mirror of a non-standard shape or for a very large room;
  • quality and durability. They are made using stronger glass or have an additional coating that makes them more resistant to damage and scratches;
  • professional installation. Buying a custom mirror, you will receive a product that will meet your requirements with regard to shape, size, decor, lighting and other details. If necessary, the craftsmen will install and connect the backlight.

Instead of buying ready-made mirrors of standard sizes, you can ask to cut a mirror or glass for a specific room or design.

This process usually involves working with a glass or mirror supplier or with a professional glass cutting service. You will provide them with the exact dimensions and specifications of the mirror you need. Then they will cut out the mirror to the exact dimensions you requested. When ordering a mirror cut to size, be sure to specify the exact dimensions and specifications so that the final product meets your expectations.

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    In order to correctly measure the size of a custom mirror, follow these steps:

    1. Determine the installation location: Decide where you will place the mirror. It can be a wall in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom, living room or other place.
    2. Measure the width: Using a measuring tape or ruler, determine the horizontal distance from one side of the installation site to the other. Measure at the level where the mirror is planned to be placed.
    3. Measure the height: Now measure the vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the installation site. Measure at the level where the mirror is planned to be placed.
    4. Write down accurate measurements: It is important to be accurate when taking measurements so that the ordered mirror exactly matches the available space.
    5. Consider the frame (if applicable): If you plan to add a frame to the mirror, consider its width when measuring to make sure that the final dimensions include the frame.
    6. Consultation with professionals: If you are not sure about your measurements or want to get professional advice, contact specialists who provide custom mirror manufacturing services. They will help you with accurate measurements and provide the necessary recommendations.
    7. Selection of additional options: In the process of ordering a custom mirror, you will also be able to choose additional options, such as mounting type, edge trim, chamfer (bevel) and other details.