Glass shower screens in Miami, Florida

Employees of Mercury Glass&Mirror, Miami, South Florida, offer unconventional solutions to any who ask. This solution is a frameless shower screen for showers and bathtubs. Craftsmen utilize both sturdy, unbreakable glass and mirrors in their work. These products have long been used instead of plastic shower curtains. Their unusualness is their advantage – the look they create is quite stylish. Every segment has three free sides which makes the whole contraption look light and ethereal. The firm uses self-produced materials, therefore offers a warranty on them and the work done.
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A modern bathroom featuring a glass-enclosed walk-in shower

Frameless screen features

Shower screens from glass or mirrors are being installed onto specialized pallets. There is a selection of available forms:

–   Square and rectangular

  Rhomboid and trapezoid

  Cylindrical configurations and elliptical

  Triangular and asymmetrical

  Oval and cube

How to choose the glass shower partition

When choosing a custom shower door, several important factors should be taken into account:

Many frameless screens are custom made. Their form is determined by the pallet parameters and the size of the bathroom. If it is of non-standard build, then the screen also will be asymmetrical or semicircular. This helps to correct an unfortunate layout. The screen doors can be sliding, folding or regular.

Mercury Glass&Mirror company offers high-end frameless glass or mirror shower screens, as well as products within an acceptable price range. Any customer can choose an optimal variant, fitting their bathroom. Those who value comfort and convenience can fit out their bathroom with minimal expenses. It is recommended to order the specialized pallet alongside the screen installation service.

Product types:

  Sturdy and lasting cast-iron enameled pallets

  Stainless steel pallets

  Steady ceramic pallets with an anti-slip cover

  Marble and wooden contraptions

Advantages of a frameless shower screen

First and foremost they are safe and environment-friendly. Glass and mirrors that are used as a screen are of unparalleled durability. They are immune to temperature jumps and mechanical effects.

Types of glass:

  Transparent – classic style

  Opaque – limited visibility with no hindrance to light

  Colored – create your own style

  Patterned – spice up your bathroom

The last option is created by sandblasting and engraving the glass. The design holds for effectively forever, remaining the same as the day it was wrought.

Positive qualities of frameless shower screens

  Compactness – save space

  Practicality – glass doesn’t require washing or use of detergent

  A big range of various configurations and sizes

  Installation simplicity – the home owner can install the frame without any help of specialists

  Saving water and time

  Stylish looks

  Infinite service life

  Accessible price range

Exceptional durability of the glass and mirrors is achieved through the creation technologies – tempering the glass and triplex. The second method uses a polymer film, installed between two glass frames. If it suffers a heavy hit, it won’t shatter – instead it will just crack. Tempered glass will, should enough brute force be applied. Even then, the shards will not have any sharp edges.

Another important quality of a frameless shower panel is their elegance and the feeling of lightness. They add an ethereal vibe. As for the model with mirrors, it visually expands your bathroom space. Because of that, they are better suited for small apartments with cramped bathrooms. There is no additional lighting required thanks to the transparency of glass. It is better to accept the offer made by Mercury Glass&Mirror employees, rather than purchase an expensive shower cabin from an unknown manufacturer. You can’t be sure of its quality.

Steps to take before and during purchase

First, the customer visits Mercury Glass&Mirror website and checks the pricing calculator. It is recommended to acquaint with prices beforehand. The price range of glass shower screens installation is wide, so you can find something that fits your needs. On the same website users can specify the required shape and size of the frameless screen. There is a phone number for customer support, and a separate number for ordering an installation. Aside from that, a letter can be sent to our e-mail anytime.

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A sleek modern bathroom featuring a walk-in shower with a glass door framed in black