Glass panels on the apron for the kitchen, order in Miami, Florida

Glass kitchen aprons are becoming more widespread. Advantages and features.
When making a kitchen apron and a section of the wall above the working area, different materials are used. Glass has proven itself on the positive side. It is an environmentally safe and hygienic finishing material with numerous positive features. That is why it is in great demand at the moment.


Glass panels on the apron for the kitchen are an effective solution for many reasons. The products are easy to care for, are moisture and steam proof. They do not absorb grease and dirt. Aesthetic appeal is another advantage of such products.

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How to choose glass for a kitchen apron

In the manufacture of kitchen aprons, glass with a thickness of 6-8 mm is used. The material of manufacture must be reliable, safe and durable. Experts recommend giving preference to tempered glass. Compared to the usual one, it is five times stronger. Even if the product breaks (although this is almost impossible), the fragments will be small and not sharp.


Do not consider making a kitchen apron from plexiglass. It is strictly forbidden to use it in the area of gas stoves, because of a temperature drop, which is why the material will quickly collapse. The obvious disadvantages of the material include the complexity of care. Plexiglass is poorly cleaned of grease and other contaminants. It quickly fades and loses its external attractiveness and is easy to chip and scratch. If you are interested in high-quality glass panels for a kitchen apron, take seriously the choice of manufacturing material. It should be high-quality tempered glass.

Choosing a kitchen apron

In the manufacture of such products, colorless glass without a pattern is often used. You can choose both transparent and frosted versions. Transparent panels do not fall into the eye. They seem to dissolve into space. Their main function is to protect the wall from dirt and grease splashes. It can be covered with paint or wallpapered.


An apron made of frosted glass looks more attractive. It creates less glare. In the manufacture of panels, not only smooth glass can be used, but also a textured surface glass.


An interesting solution is glass panels on a kitchen apron with photo printing. They are called skinali. They not only have an attractive appearance, but also have a long service life. Panels with 3D-effect look beautiful. The products do not lose their colors for a long time thanks to the special technology of applying UV ink.


You can give preference to a kitchen apron made of plain glass. The products look stylish and bright, but at the same time they are unobtrusive. Color solutions can be very diverse. This allows you to choose panels that will become a harmonious addition to any interior. Stelamite can be used in the manufacture of kitchen aprons. When choosing a suitable option, focus on your needs and financial capabilities.

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