Сustom glass cut to size

If you want glass solutions for home decor and custom glass cut to size in Miami, FL, consider contacting Mercury Glass & Mirror. Our company provides services for the manufacture of custom glass and mirror products for various premises (commercial and residential). The company employs experienced specialists who provide an individual approach for each client. Glass manufacturing services in Miami will be performed at a high level of quality.
Mercury Glass & Mirror specialists are engaged in both manufacturing and installation of products. The company guarantees professional execution of each order. We work with different styles of glass materials. Professionals make custom glass, taking into account your requirements and financial capabilities.
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The following glass cut to size solutions are available:

It is characterized by increased strength and safety due to heat treatment.

It consists of layers of films, which makes the material resistant to damage and ensures safety if destroyed.

Provides lighting and privacy control capabilities.

Decorative material in various shades. Allows you to give the interior a stylish and bright look.

At Mercury Glass & Mirror, you can buy high-quality custom glass. Specialists will take measurements and perform the work taking into account all your wishes. A warranty is provided.

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Custom glass cutting services and their benefits

Mercury Glass & Mirror uses modern glass-cutting equipment and technologies to manufacture various products. Specialists will help to make glass partitions, doors, pool fences, storefronts, doors, shower partitions, etc.

Advantages of mirror manufacturing services at Mercury Glass & Mirror:

01. Precision

Specialists perform the work with millimeter precision. Any deviations are excluded.

02. Effectiveness

The company works with glass products of any thickness.

03. Efficiency

High-quality glass services in Miami will be provided in the shortest possible time.

04. Perfect result

Glass fragments obtained after cutting have smooth edges that do not require additional processing.

If you contact the company, you will be guaranteed precise glass cutting, taking into account all your wishes.
Services are provided at a very affordable cost.

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 Decorative glass in the interior

If you are striving to create a unique interior, using glass in the design of a space is a great way to achieve the desired result. Glass products are very popular. This is due to its attractive appearance and eco-friendliness. Designers often include glass elements in their designs because they visually expand the space and are highly durable. Custom glass products will be a bright addition to the interior. There are many ways to use them:

Glass ceiling

Owners of modern houses and apartments often choose glass ceilings to make the indoor environment special. The transparent ceiling looks attractive and gently diffuses the light, creating a special atmosphere in the room. You can choose a matte or glossy surface depending on your preferences. Holographic panels will become a safe and stylish alternative for homes with children.

Glass floor

It is a popular solution for loft, high-tech, Scandinavian, and modern styles. The glass floor is made of laminated tempered glass. Its advantages include durability and reliability. It can be created with illumination around the perimeter, which allows you to get a great effect.

In this case, custom glass will be the right decision. Glass partitions are becoming more and more in demand. They are used not only in office spaces but also in homes, especially often in bathrooms. To reduce the visibility of streaks and water droplets, you can choose a matte or grooved coating. The combination of glass with other materials (wood, porous stone, and textiles) will help to create a harmonious interior design.

Stained glass windows

Although they have a traditional look, they are becoming more and more popular interior elements. Modern technologies allow you to place stained glass windows not only on windows but also on walls, lampshades, and even on pieces of furniture. High-quality materials ensure structural strength and original appearance.

Glass furniture

Light and airy glass furniture fits perfectly into any interior style. It can withstand heavy loads. The glass elements are easy to clean and create an impressive visual effect.

Modern decorative glass has gained popularity due to its aesthetic qualities, durability, and strength. If you want to order high-quality glass cut to size, consider contacting Mercury Glass & Mirror in Miami. The specialists will help you make any of your design ideas a reality.

Modern living room with sleek furniture and marble details.