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If you want spectacular mirror solutions for office, commercial, and residential decoration and custom mirrors cut to size in Miami, consider contacting Mercury Glass & Mirror. Our company specializes in the manufacture of custom glass products and mirrors following the individual needs of customers. You can order and buy mirrors of various shapes and sizes that fully meet the requirements and design of the room.
Our company offers a wide variety of styles of mirror solutions, including classic, vintage, and colored ones. This allows customers to choose an option that perfectly complements the interior of commercial or residential premises. Custom mirror manufacturing is carried out at a high level of quality. The company employs experienced specialists. We will develop an individual mirror design that will make all your ideas come true. You can choose the perfect solution for both the office, restaurant, store, and home. The company’s positive reputation is supported by successful projects and positive customer feedback. Here you will get high-quality mirror services in Miami. A warranty is provided.
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Features of custom mirrors cut to size

Mirror cutting is carried out based on individual sketches or parameters provided by the customer. Craftsmen use modern machines and tools to perform precise cutting of mirrors of all sizes.
Advantages of mirror manufacturing services at Mercury Glass & Mirror:

01. Individual approach

Customers have the opportunity to order mirrors of various shapes and sizes suitable for their unique needs, adjusted for furniture, or home decor.

02. Smooth edges of the products

Modern equipment ensures the high quality of the edges of the parts. The company provides a guarantee of the absence of microcracks in the glass after cutting. As a result, you can be sure of the durability and long service life of mirrors cut to size.

03. Edge processing

After cutting, experts recommend additional processing of the edges for greater aesthetics of the products. Different types of processing are offered: partial with chamfers, polished with the removal of sharp corners, polished with transparent and smooth edges, and figure with the creation of an unusual shape at the request of the client.

Reasons for cutting mirrors

The increased demand for mirror cutting is explained by its numerous advantages, making it popular among various categories of customers. Custom mirrors have become widespread in various fields:


Mirror products are used to create complex elements of various types of advertising structures.

Interior design of houses

You can order the services of manufacturing standard or shaped mirrors. Thanks to this, you will be able to get original decorative elements for various rooms.

Decoration of shops and other commercial facilities

A high-quality mirror, created according to individual parameters, will become a worthy decoration of the interior. It will attract the attention of visitors and customers.

 Experienced specialists will help you realize any of your design ideas.
If necessary, they will carry out a preliminary measurement and install mirror structures.

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Ideas for using decorative mirrors in the interior

Decorative mirrors used in the interior design of a house, apartment, or commercial space successfully cope with several functions. Mirrored products expand the space and create a feeling of more light. A beautifully crafted mirror will bring originality to a classic or modern interior. Mirrors can be installed on walls, ceilings, and facades of various designs.


Mirrors of various shapes are popular for installation in halls, guest rooms, and bedrooms. They can be both small and voluminous from floor to ceiling.

They can be used:

On the ends and facades of furniture

With the help of mirrors, you can decorate the ends and facades of furniture, making them elegant.

On the wardrobes

Decorative mirrors are used to decorate the doors of wardrobes.

On the fireplace facing

With the use of mirror products, you can decorate the fireplace facing from floor to ceiling. This is a great opportunity to create an impressive design.

Above the window and door openings

If you place mirrors above window and door openings, you can give the space an original touch.

mirrored wall

The advantages of using decorative mirrors in interior design include the following points:

  •  Masking defects. Beautiful mirror products help to hide the shortcomings of the room layout.
  •  Visual expansion of space.

  • Decorative effects. Custom mirrors will become a worthy decoration of the interior.
Small mirrors of different shapes can be used to create an original panel on the wall. The mounting elements remain invisible. As a result, it feels as if the structure is floating in space. This is an excellent solution for both residential and commercial premises.

Mirrors can be used in many ways in rooms for various purposes, the main thing is the high-quality performance of services, and now you know who to turn to!

Contact the specialists of Mercury Glass&Mirror in Miami, who will help you choose a design suitable for your interior, manufacture it, help with ordering, and also provide professional services for installing сustom cut mirror.

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