Mirrors for cabinets

Mercury Glass&Mirror is a company of mirrors for cabinets that transform the interior of residential and commercial premises. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable partner providing customers with products of the highest standard.
mirror for cabinet in Miami

The company’s product range:

  • glass doors for shower cabins;
  • partitions and screens;
  • handrails, railings and other fences;
  • counters and storefronts.

Materials of manufacture of unique products:

  • laminated and painted glass;tempered glass;
  • colored and antique mirrors;
  • heated mirrors;
  • other mirror and glass products.
Their production is carried out by qualified specialists using modern equipment. Installation of products is carried out by experienced craftsmen. Mercury Glass&Mirror specialists have manufactured and installed hundreds of various glass and mirror products in Miami, Florida. This confirms their solid experience and the trust of citizens. Making unique mirrors for custom cabinets is the best alternative to finished products. Here they are created taking into account the requests of even the most demanding customers. Any shapes and sizes.

Features of mirror products:

  • visual expansion of space;
  • 100% guarantee of durability;
  • perfect light scattering;
  • decorating properties;
  • no need to purchase additional furniture items.
Hence the conclusion – unique mirrors for custom cabinets fit well into any room design. They themselves are part of the interior because, without mirror and glass products, the design is unattractive. High-quality installation of mirrors for cabinets is carried out by experienced employees of Mercury Glass&Mirror.
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Before making mirrors, furniture sets are measured by company employees in order to prevent errors in size. Making custom mirrors for cabinets can be considered the best option for decorating the kitchen and any other room.


If mirrors are designed to decorate the doors of cabinets, then choose from the following varieties:

  • single. One-piece mirrors are installed in them;
  • louvered. A slot of the required shape and size is made in the door, and a mirror is inserted into it;
  • framework. Here only a part of the door with a reflective element is enclosed in a profile;
  • compound. Mirrors in sections can alternate – mirror, glass, mirror glass.

In the latter version, glass can be matte, transparent, colored, but necessarily tempered.