Custom colored mirrors in Miami


Mercury Glass&Mirror can make any glass products, and custom color mirrors are no exception. Such solutions will be the most effective in decorating the interior of any premises, both residential and public or commercial. All work is performed only by highly qualified specialists, and therefore they should definitely be trusted.

 Sometimes it is enough to do quite a bit, for example, to paint a mirror surface used in a room in one of the colors of the spectrum in order to radically change any interior, making it completely unusual. A lot also depends on the material that is applied to the back area of the base. Two versions are considered the most common. In the first case, a traditional silver coating is used, in which a dye of a certain shade is added. In addition, you can choose tinted glass with silver or copper spraying, as alternative solutions, customers from Miami, Florida often choose priming and staining if they need custom colored mirrors.

custom colored mirror miami

Where and how to use custom colored and tinted mirrors

Indeed, it is enough to give such an unusual shade to a product familiar to any interior in order to make the room extraordinary and focus on the sophistication of the taste of its inhabitants. Again, both colored and tinted mirrors are capable of performing additional functions, acting not only as an original decoration. It can be used with equal efficiency not only in residential, but also in commercial and public premises. 

Regardless of the chosen method of execution, the manufacturer creates the highest quality and beautiful glass and colored mirrors to order. The most popular shades, as practice shows, are gray, gold, blue, pink, emerald, and bronze. 

Mercury Glass&Mirror offers the widest selection of these solutions in Florida. This is possible thanks to the use of the most modern equipment, as well as those technologies that have been tested for a long time and repeatedly, thereby ensuring the exceptional quality of the finished product.

Tinted colored mirrors – where is the best place to use such a solution?


The experience of Mercury Glass&Mirror specialists shows that most often custom colored mirrors are used as decorative elements, and therefore such material is mainly ordered in narrow strips. This turns out to be quite enough for most to perform interior decoration in the proper way, showing all the features of the layout. It is enough to choose such inserts with all responsibility, providing a competent professional approach, in order to hide the existing drawbacks of the room and emphasize its advantages, favorably highlighting them against the general background.

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Custom tinted and colored mirrors – features of use

 Such a solution is quite relevant in Miami, especially when it is necessary to design the interior of a café or bar. The use of such accents is quite unusual, and therefore with their help you can effectively expand the space and emphasize the overall style of the room. As a result, guests will definitely not feel cramped even when it comes to the most compact room.

A more restrained color scheme is selected when it is necessary to design a public or commercial premises, so even the most modest office can be presented as respectable, giving it a more businesslike character.

When choosing the right shade for custom colored mirrors, it is important to take into account that during operation the color will change depending on the lighting. It is especially important to make the right choice when it comes to manufacturing a large canvas, thanks to which it is planned to make special emphasis on the main advantages of the layout.

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