Custom shower doors and enclosures

Beautiful bathroom decoration is an integral part of any interior, the selection of which should be approached responsibly. A shower door or an enclosure is the main thing in the composition of the bathroom interior. This element affects the perception of the room, bringing style and elegance to the room. In order to buy glass the most suitable option and make a high–quality installation, it is very important to choose a good company for the production of partitions and one of them is Mercury Glass&Mirror in Florida.
Mercury Glass&Mirror company specializes in mirrors for kitchen, bedroom and other rooms, railings, glass showcases, partitions and shower doors made of glass. The company offers a wide range of models and designs to meet the needs and preferences of each client. Partitions and shower doors from Mercury Glass&Mirror, a popular company in Miami, are made of high-quality materials that guarantee strength and durability. The company is also engaged in the installation of its products and performs their full maintenance.
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How to choose the partitions material for the manufacture

Among the most popular and used materials for custom shower enclosures, there are several options:

A stylish and practical solution for the bathroom. Tempered glass has great strength and impact resistance, which makes it safe and high-quality for use in shower cabins.

Another option for bathroom decoration. It consists of two or more layers that are interconnected by a special transparent polymer layer.

A modern and stylish solution for the bathroom. It undergoes a special treatment, as a result of which its surface acquires a color coating.

How to choose the glass shower partition

When choosing a custom shower door, several important factors should be taken into account:

Size and shape

The company’s specialists will take measurements of your shower area in order to take into account the height of the ceiling, width and depth of the shower cabin to choose a partition that is ideal for the bathroom.


Choose the most suitable material for yourself, taking into account the strength, safety, aesthetics and ease of care when choosing a material.

Type of opening

Choose the type that is most convenient for your space and the use of installed shower doors: sliding, sliding in, sliding out, opening out, sliding with offset, etc.

Design and style

Choose shower doors considering the overall style of the bathroom interior. Mercury Glass&Mirror provides a choice of finishes, colors and decorative elements to create the desired visual effect.


Make sure that the structure is made of safe materials that guarantee that the risk of injury is minimized in case of accidental destruction.


Think about your preferences and needs in using the partition. Some functional features, such as opening and closing systems, the presence of handles or buttons, can make the use more convenient and comfortable.
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Where to order the installation of shower doors and enclosures

Contact the specialists of Mercury Glass&Mirror in Miami, who will help you choose a design suitable for your interior, manufacture it, help with ordering, and also provide professional services for installing shower enclosures.

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