Reasons to order a custom full length wall mirror at Mercury Glass&Mirror in Miami, FL

Wall mirrors are so popular that they leave behind everything else in terms of design elements. They are irreplaceable in a domestic environment and always find a use in a commercial one. It is important to pick the right shape and size – you can do that very easily by contacting a trusted specialized company. This will allow you to cover every detail like unconventional fastening or specific size, in case you need the mirror to be a tight fit in a niche. If you discuss all the specifics with a specialist beforehand, you will receive a wall mirror that fits into your design scheme flawlessly.

Only true professionals are able to produce durable and safe full length wall mirrors of high quality. The frame of such a creation almost never bends and it keeps its shape for a long time, unlike something mass produced that might distort the image during continuous usage.

Every wall mirror, regardless of shape and size, is created with environmental hazards in mind. Its backside is coated with a special compound, and if it’s needed to connect multiple mirrors, we use high quality sturdy glue. That way even if the mirror is accidentally damaged, the user will suffer no harm.

Quality control is performed on every step of the production process. Absence of scratches or optical distortions is guaranteed – the panel is being cut from a slab, pre-checked for defects.

Cases in which you should order a full length wall mirror

This is an optimal decision for lobbies, living rooms and other rooms. It is quite practical if you want to give yourself a good once-over before heading out somewhere. A tried and trusted manufacturer offers you stylish, safe and durable products that can be easily mounted to a wall without a fear that it will drop down in the most inopportune moment. All details and specifications can be discussed additionally during order placement.


Large scale wall mirrors, that allow you to see yourself in full, are also a popular choice for shops and boutiques. Customers will gain an opportunity to see how clothing and footwear are looking from a side perspective. It is recommended to install them not just in fitting rooms, but across the shop as well. Gyms and fitness centers are being outfitted in a similar manner. Gym enthusiasts can observe themselves in a mirror during exercise, spot potential mistakes in their routine and correct them.

What frame shade to choose

The color and the frame of a full length wall mirror can be anything imaginable, but the most popular colors are black, white, silver, gold, grey, brass colors and brushed frame. Any of the aforementioned options and many others are available during the order placement in the workshop.

The safety of such a product needs to be discussed separately. The backside of this wall mirror is covered with a protective film. It serves as an additional safety measure and prevents the glass panel from shattering to pieces. The frame is securely glued to the panel and that, in turn, aids in keeping the panel safe and sound even after numerous mechanical interactions.

Advantages of minimalism during full size wall mirror manufacturing

Because mirrors of this kind have only straight lines with a minimal amount of décor, they create a sense of strictness in any design scheme, and they definitely will not feel misplaced in any setup. The frame, color difference aside, will vary depending on the front part of the customer’s choosing. It can be of any thickness – even when made the widest it can be, the wall mirror will still look stylish and elegant.

The price will depend on custom parameters, size and shape.

Why you should order a custom mirror instead of purchasing a ready product

It is hard to speak about a deficit of wall mirrors of any size. But it is easier to order one, scrupulously pre-checking desired parameters. While in a shop you can buy only what is in stock, a craftsman will take any nuance and desire into consideration.

If wall mirrors are put across the entire length of a narrow corridor, there will always be a use for it, and more – the space of the corridor will be visually expanded. The simplicity and precision of the construction will make this product more sought after, unlike when posh framing frames were in demand; mirrors like this would also fit in a bathroom above the sink, if placed horizontally. This way the room would obtain a more modern look.

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