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Where to buy mirror glass cut to size in Miami

Custom-made mirrors: making the perfect design for your house

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Modern bathroom interior with big mirror

One single mirror, cut by individual measurements, is capable of turning an empty wall into a true work of art. Such a part of the interior will make the room more homely, visually increase room space, and completely transform its style. Each element of the house or the apartment requires special attention, since all they help with creating a harmonic atmosphere.

During repairs or furniture arrangement a lot of people think about purchasing a mirror of a substandard shape or size. Usually, pre-made solutions arte a bad fit to the original concept; that’s why the only way out is to order a custom-made mirror. Companies that specialize in this offer a wide array of services: from the initial consultation to shipping and installing the finished product.

Modern interior solutions

Nowadays, individually cut mirrors are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and stylistic choices. Traditional square, rectangular and round shapes are merely the starting point. The real journey begins with making yourself acquainted with more intricate shapes: oval, teardrop and polygonal.

The sheer scale of variety allows perfectly fitting a mirror into an already existing interior concept or accentuating it as a bright centerpiece that sets the mood of the entire arrangement. Added to that, the customer has all the possibilities to incarnate any design fantasy while taking into account the room layout, lighting features and style of the room finish.

Visual room space expansion

Modern living room with sleek furniture and marble details.

Mirrors that were properly selected by shape and size are capable of transforming even the most cramped big city apartments. Wide horizontal mirrors stretch out the room’s width and visually create more free volume. Tall vertical shapes seemingly lift up the ceiling and compensate the lack of height.

An intelligent placement of reflective surfaces adds depth and scope to the room. Mirrors, placed in front of each other create an illusion of an infinite corridor. And big ones, that cover an entire wall, are able to radically transform even the smallest room.

Aside from all the above, quality mirrors fill surroundings with natural light, reflecting and refracting sun rays. This simple trick allows to compensate for limited lighting and create an illusion of lightness in a room without windows.

Limitless potential of the design

aesthetic bathroom design

Individual production of custom-ordered mirrors opens up a vast plane for creativity and self-expression. Instead of mundane everyday stuff one can create true art, crafted by hand, that can become the centerpiece of an interior.

Composition of such exclusive mirrors is limited only by the client’s imagination and the craftsman’s expertise. Unusual abstract shapes instead of traditional ones, opulent gilded frames with mesmerizing ornaments and carvings, prominent reflective surfaces with insertions from natural rock, wood or metal – anything is a possibility. Works of art like these are no longer mundane and functional elements of décor – they are true art-objects that turn heads of anyone who enters the room.

At the same time a masterfully crafted mirror ideally fits the overall design concept, becoming a harmonic inclusion and emphasizing the sophisticated taste and status of the homeowner.

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A perfect reflection in the hallway

mirror panels for wall

A wall mirror is a necessary functional element of any hallway. It allows a person to give themselves a good once-over before leaving, fix their hair, make-up or any other attire element. A big reflective surface also is able to create a heavy wow-effect and set the mood for the entire hallway setup.

When choosing a mirror for a hallway, it is important to take into consideration not only its size, but also its shape and style. Tall vertical models of simple geometrical shapes, like rectangular and oval, are both functional and visually increase space of a cramped room. Classic-style refined carved frames give the room a sense of elegance and nobility. Horizontal panoramic wall-wide mirrors are an excellent solution for private houses with a spacious hallway.

When choosing the framing elements and the design of the mirror sheet itself it would be prudent to take the hallway’s light level into consideration. If natural light is bright and strong, the true beauty of glossy frames from noble wood will reveal itself. If the area is dimmer, a frame from patinated metal or aged wood would be a better fit.

Bathroom accents

double vanity mirrors for bathroom

Mirrors for an area with high humidity and temperature jumps have a list of specific demands. They have to be fully moisture resistant, cannot fog up and lose their reflective qualities throughout their entire service life. A big rectangular or oval solid frameless sheet would be the most simple and practical solution. It will allow for a comfortable personal grooming process, doesn’t require any special care and fits absolutely any room composition style.

For creating a more exultant atmosphere, a sophisticated carved frame from natural wood or an antique-style metallic frame would be a great choice. Mirror insertions across the length of the sink or a mirror backsplash are a great addition as well. In particular, a backsplash can visually expand a bathroom and fill it with dispersed light, making the room seem spacious and light as air.

Aesthetics and comfort for a bedroom

Glass wall in the bedroom

A bedroom is a personal bubble, designed for relaxation and recuperation. Choosing composition elements, including mirrors, has to be done with extra care. The right mirror will add to the room’s aesthetics and functionality by creating a harmonic space for a comfortable rest.

For example, huge full-length mirrors are a mandatory possession for those, who like to give themselves a nice once-over before or after sleep. Massive wall mirrors placed right above the headboard make the bedroom seem more posh and add an element of “floating” by visually raising the ceiling level.

A composition of several differently shaped, sized and styled mirrors is quite the original solution. A panel like this can be placed on the walls, room partitions or simply be used instead of a traditional headboard. Fittingly picked frame hues and patterns will give the bedroom the desired atmosphere, be it a feeling of lightness or weight of pompous grandeur.

Designers recommend picking more calm and natural hues and textures for mirrors that will be placed in places for privacy and relaxation. Warm wooden tones, matte metallic surfaces and rock frames will keep the atmosphere in a bedroom chill and peaceful.

A fresh look at the living room

living room mirror wall

A properly picked mirror is able to drastically change the perception of a living room by adding more space and creating a celebratory atmosphere. Wide horizontal model will stretch room space and make it seem like an amply large hall. And by utilizing vertical full-length mirrors, the ceiling level will be visually higher and the room will seem more spacious.

An entire mirror wall or a panel, consisting from multiple differently sized and shaped mirror sheets, can become an impressive centerpiece. Curious geometric shapes, a scattering of mirror squares and rhombuses, vintage motifs – all this creates a stylish and glamorous focal point.

Modern tendencies presume integration of mirrors right into furniture as well as theirs placement on a wall. Mirror closet facades and showcases, mirrors within cupboards and sideboards – these tricks will aid in adding depth and space in the living room area.

Magical transformation of a dining room

A dining room is a place for family conversations and meals. Placing mirrors there is able to cover the room in a celebratory atmosphere and a charge of positive energy. A large pompous mirror with an opulent gilded frame from solid wood with antiquated carvings and intricate patterns, like in the old ages, usually takes the place of the main accent.

Vintage art-deco-style mirrors, pompous baroque mirror sheets or models with a hint of rococo – any of these will carry the dining room right into the age of nobility and splendor. Modern interiors, however, will greatly benefit from strict geometric shapes and frames of polished metal and natural rock.

But a dining room mirror is not just an opportunity to create an eccentric art object. It often is used as just a functional piece. For example, many designers recommend placing small mirrors above the dining table, looking directly at a window. This way sunlight will be effectively dispersed across the room and fill it with a soft light.

Renewing a kitchen

Modern kitchen interior with white cabinetry and countertops

Usage of reflective surfaces in modern kitchen arrangements is quite widespread. Often traditional backsplash between the cooktop and tabletops are partially or fully made from mirrors. Some solutions are more daring, like mirror panels placed on kitchen furniture facades.

But a mirror can be a decorative element all on its own. If its size and shape were chosen properly, the mirror will bring light and sophistication into the overall arrangement, visually increasing the space of the kitchen. A handy rectangular mirror with a simple stainless steel frame will be a perfect fit for a “high-tech” style. Loft-style kitchens would be accentuated by a trapezoid contraption with mirror insertions.

Oval mirrors with carved wooden frames would befit the taste of the fans of classics. Intricate polygonal constructions with faceted edges are a great support for art-deco or “modern chic” themes. There’s only one condition – carefully choose the scale and design of the mirror according to the kitchen’s size.


Custom made mirrors cut to individual size allow bringing the most daring design decisions to life. An infinite array of shapes, hues, and frame styles create an opportunity to produce real works of art for interior design.  But it has to be said that a pretty frame is only one half of the job. It is important to properly pick the size and configuration of the mirror sheet and find a good place for it in the room. If those conditions are met, a most bizarre of all mirrors can become the main accent of the room and acquire useful features, filling it with light and air. When used properly, a mirror attains a truly magical aura, transforming a mundane room into something beyond recognition. Why not use this chance and create your own masterpiece?