Custom Glass & Mirrors in Dania Beach, FL

Mercury Glass&Mirror presents a large selection of glass and mirrors that fir various needs and styles in Dania Beach, FL.
We offer a variety of solutions for private homes, offices and commercial space, all of which will emphasize your style and ensure comfort.

We offer:

  • Mirrors: a window to another dimension, where style is interlocked with practicality;
  • Shower doors: create your own spa right in your house;
  • Glass railings: shine with style and safety even in the most unexpected places;
  • Storefronts: catch the eye and win the heart – our storefronts make that easy;
  • Glass partitions: create comfortable and elegant spaces using out glass partitions;
  • Tempered glass: improved parameters of durability and resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Smart glass: change your view on privacy and light management by using this technological solution;
  • Custom glass: individual options like doors, shelves, panels, tabletops and many other options.

Main types of glass:

  • Clear Glass: simple glass with high light transmittance and clarity;
  • Bronze Glass: a warm bronze hue will make the interior cozier;
  • Grey Glass: introduces mystery and uniqueness to the setup;
  • Ultra Clear (Low-Iron) Glass: perfectly transparent glass with minimal iron content for ensuring clarity and lighting;
  • Acid Etched Glass: an opaque finishing adds elegance and increases privacy levels;
  • Laminated Glass: consists of two glass layers, which ensures increased durability and safety;
  • One-Way Mirror Glass: magical combination of the wonder of mirrors on one side and complete transparency on the other;
  • And many-many more can be found in our calculator!

 Experienced specialists will help you realize any of your design ideas.
If necessary, they will carry out a preliminary measurement and install mirror structures.

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Our hearts are filled with pride for the top of the line materials and goods that are offered to our clients by us.

Do not hesitate to contact Mercury Glass&Mirror to get our help with getting started with designing your unique interior!

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