Custom Glass & Mirrors in Coral Springs, FL

Mercury Glass&Mirror’s glass goods and mirrors are varied and correspond with different tastes in design in Coral Springs, FL.
Our goal is to accentuate your style and make any corner of your house, office or commercial premises useful.

We offer:

  • Mirrors: the magic of reflections will make you look at your room space differently;
  • Shower doors: open up a portal into a land of no mortal worries;
  • Glass railings: let your taste run free and make surroundings seem more light and ethereal;
  • Storefronts: windows to your business are a gateway to success;
  • Glass partitions: shape functional and stylish areas with the help of glass partitions;
  • Tempered glass: increased durability and resistance to mechanical damage makes it perfect for creating safe and sturdy constructions;
  • Smart glass: re-define the ideas of confidentiality and managing light by using this innovative material;
  • Custom glass: individual options like doors, shelves, panels, tabletops and many other options.

Main types of glass:

  • Clear Glass: standard transparent glass with high light transmittance ability;
  • Bronze Glass: a warm bronze hue adds intimacy to the interior;
  • Grey Glass: mystery and modesty to behold;
  • Ultra Clear (Low-Iron) Glass: the clearest glass of them all to make the interior more distinct and open;
  • Acid Etched Glass: opaque surface for a private and sophisticated atmosphere;
  • Laminated Glass: two sheets of glass, glued together, provide durability and safety;
  • One-Way Mirror Glass: a combination of a reflective surface and a see-through glass panel is an amazing fit for creating stunning visual effects and a secure area;
  • And many-many more can be found in our calculator!

 Experienced specialists will help you realize any of your design ideas.
If necessary, they will carry out a preliminary measurement and install mirror structures.

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We proudly offer high-class materials and products that inspire our clients.

Contact us now and begin creating your own creative vision of the perfect interior with the help of Mercury Glass&Mirror!

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