Mirrors are an irreplaceable part of any modern house. They create a feeling of spaciousness and additional illumination.

You can get custom made mirrors in Boca Raton at Mercury Glass&Mirror today!

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Their wide range of available products includes:

  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Full size mirrors
  • Mirror partitions
  • Closet mirrors and many other

To inquire a full list of available custom made glass items that fit your house, contact our representatives.

Mirror installation

There are many reasons to entrust mirror installation to a professional. Large contraptions are heavy and may break if handled improperly. Some can weigh more than 500 pounds.

A professional mirror installation company possesses an impressive toolbox for a job of this kind. Mirror installation is an entire technological process including industrial glue.

If you wish to repair or install mirrors at your home or at work, give this task to specialists! Contraptions of any shape will be installed quickly and safely.

Advantages of using mirrors

Mirrors give rooms a feel of space and openness. They have been used in design for over a thousand of years. In bedrooms, waiting halls, living rooms and hallways mirror walls look elegant and modern.

You can choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror or pick something more minimalistic. Current market offers an immense range of choices of any form and size. Mirrors can make a room look more open, spacious, elegant, and add some chic and stylishness. A wide assortment of custom made mirrors in Boca Raton will aid you in finding the best fits for every room.

Mirrors with LED frames are available for purchase. Lights can be of different color and intensity: this can complete a design and accentuate its advantages. Mirror contraption edges can be regular or faceted.

Mirror usage ideas

Mirrors should be used in smaller rooms. That way room space will be visually increased and lighting will be more prominent in darker corners. In case of a small living room, place a large decorative mirror on the mantelpiece or lean it against an accent wall. To maximize room light, put mirrors in places with natural lighting, so it can be reflected to dim spots and make the room brighter. A mirror can be directed at a window to reflect sky and grass.

Due to the sheer amount of construction styles, the potential of mirrors is limitless. They can be oval, square, rectangular, with painted frames. By using them, you can cover up defects like scratches, cracks, blemishes on the walls or other problematic spots. Mirrors are an aesthetical and practical solution.

Many elements have to be taken into consideration during mirror placement. Aside from the frame and place to put, you need to think about the glass surface as well. Mirrors are a viable alternative to expensive paintings – they are a work of art on their own.

A classical interior will benefit from putting down an antique looking mirror. Frontal candles will complete a design and candle light increases room lighting. Sometimes silver on an ancient mirror gets damaged or tarnished, which makes the mirror unusable in everyday life; but for modern designers it is a feature and sometimes can even increase the mirror’s value. Anything ancient can become a centerpiece in the right hands.

Mirror tiles can be used in a kitchen – this way a small room can look much more glamorous and posh. There are various uses for mirrors in a kitchen: wall mirrors and a mirror kitchen cabinet, for example. A mirror splashback is also an option.

A minimalistic and impeccable mirror is a great addition to a modern kitchen while a traditional one would benefit from using a patinated or antique splashback. Both options are complicated to install and require regular maintenance. As a less demanding option, you can choose install a decorative splashback with mirror tiles. Mirrors add and element of glossy glint to any room without overwhelming the overall design.

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