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Large custom mirrors in Miami
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Large custom mirrors in Miami

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A person stands at a distance in the desert, framed by a large mirror positioned in the sand.

Large custom mirrors are a great way to make your interior unique and elegant. Regardless of whether you need a mirror for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or fitness room, ordering large custom mirrors, you can create a wonderful accent element, emphasize the style and visually expand the space.

Large custom mirrors offer unique opportunities to create a stylish and elegant interior. They allow you to control the dimensions and individual features. 

What advantages does ordering large custom glass offer?

Ordering large custom glass offers a number of advantages, here are some of them:

  1. Fitting to certain sizes: When ordering large custom glass, you get a perfectly fitted glass that exactly meets your needs and the required dimensions of the room. This ensures the best fit and visual harmony. You can also choose the shape of the mirror, be it rectangle, oval, circle or custom design to create a truly unique element.
  2. Custom design: Large custom glass allows you to choose not only the sizes, but also the design that best suits your preferences and interior style. You can choose different shapes, such as rectangular, round, oval or even non-standard forms to create a unique and impressive effect.
  3. Increase space and natural light: Large custom glass can help create a sense of spaciousness and increase natural lighting in the room. It lets in more light, which makes the room brighter and more attractive.
  4. Decoration: Large custom glass can become an expressive decorative element of your interior. It can serve as a focal element that attracts attention and adds sophistication and style to the room.
  5. Improvement of functionality: Ordering large custom glass also allows you to improve the functionality of the room. It can be used as dividing walls, doors, windows or mirrors, providing the necessary privacy and functionality.
  6. Frame Personalization: In addition to sizes and shapes, large custom mirrors allow you to choose a frame that suits your style and preferences. 
  7. Visual space and light: Large custom mirrors make a room more spacious and increase the lighting in the room. They reflect light, adding brightness and creating the illusion of an expanded space. This is especially useful for small rooms that require visual increase in space.
  8. Focal decor element: A large custom mirror can become the main accent of your interior. It attracts attention and adds sophistication and style to the room. You can place it on the wall opposite the front door, in the living room or on a specially prepared wall to create an impressive focal element.


What shapes and sizes can be ordered for large glass?

When ordering large glass, you have the opportunity to choose different shapes and sizes according to your needs and interior design. Here are some of the most popular shapes and sizes that can be ordered:

  1. Rectangular glass: Rectangular shapes are the most common for large glass. Glass can be both horizontal (horizontal panels, windows) and vertical (mirrors, glass partitions).
  2. Round glass: Round glass creates an elegant and unusual look in the interior. It can be used as mirrors, table tops, glass tables and other decorative elements.
  3. Oval glass: Oval glass offers a softer and more elegant shape, which is great for creating aesthetic accents in the interior. It can be used as mirrors, countertops or decorative panels.
  4. Custom Shapes: If you want to create a unique and original design, you can order custom glass, such as triangular, hexagonal, wavy and other shapes that meet your needs and taste.

As for the size, custom glass can have almost any size, from small to very large. The size depends on the technical limitations of the manufacturer and the safety requirements of the glass. When ordering glass, it is recommended to consult with professionals in order to get recommendations on sizes that meet your needs and requirements of the room.

What are the prices for large custom glass and does the price depend on the size and design?

Prices for large custom glass can vary depending on several factors, including size, design, material, complexity of manufacture and the chosen manufacturer. Usually, the cost of large custom glass is calculated individually, since each order requires the consideration of the unique requirements of the client.

The size of the glass can have an impact on its cost, as larger sizes may require more material and a more complex manufacturing process. The design can also influence the price, especially if a specific shape or texture of glass, decorative elements or integration with other materials such as metal or wood is required.

To get accurate information about the prices for large custom glass, it is recommended to contact professional manufacturers or glass companies that offer custom glass manufacturing services. They will be able to evaluate your project, consider all the parameters and provide you with an individual commercial offer with an exact cost.

In Hollywood, FL, such a company is Mercury glass and mirror.