Custom glass doors in Miami

Custom glass doors are a stylish modern solution that will transform any interior. They are distinguished by their originality and attractive appearance. Mercury Glass&Mirror offers custom glass doors in different versions. The company’s specialists will help make any of your ideas a reality.
Frosted glass doors in a modern interior setting

Advantages of Mercury Glass&Mirror

  •     Professionalism
    First of all, it is worth saying that real professionals who put the interests of their clients first work here.
  •     A variety of materials
    Here you can buy and order products made of tempered, laminated, painted glass. There is an opportunity to purchase colored and antique mirrors that look unbeatable.
  •     Custom production
    Mercury Glass&Mirror offers the manufacture of mirrors and glass products of various shapes and sizes. Ordering at Mercury Glass&Mirror, you can be sure that you will receive a quality product that meets all requirements and wishes.
  •     Quality guarantee
    We guarantee the quality of the products and use modern equipment and high-quality materials in the manufacture.
  •     Qualified installation
    You can both order a glass door and also use the installation services. Installation at a low price is another advantage of Mercury Glass&Mirror, which operates in Miami, Florida.

Advantages of glass doors

Custom glass doors are an opportunity to create a unique atmosphere in the room. The advantage of such a solution is the versatility of the design. You have the opportunity to choose the texture and color scheme, the level of transparency and opacity. The door design can provide a variety of framing.

Due to the high quality of the manufacturing materials, the door will last for a long time. Door structures made of durable glass are heat, moisture and sun proof.


The advantage of glass doors is also in the ease of care. They are easy to clean from dust and other contaminants. The structures are absolutely safe in operation. They are practically not subject to breakdowns.

How to make a choice

If you want to order a glass door, contact Mercury Glass&Mirror. The company offers services for the manufacture of door structures for residential and office premises. Custom glass doors are a popular service among owners of boutiques and shops, beauty salons, etc. They may have different design features.


Many customers are interested in custom hinged glass doors. Their distinctive feature is opening in one direction. Such constructions are widely used in houses, offices and apartments.


If you are interested in custom glass doors, pay attention to pendulum designs. They open in both directions. Fastening is made in the ceiling and floor. Due to the fact that a door closer is provided in the pendulum doors, their opening and closing are very soft. Such a door design is a worthy decoration of a classic or modern interior. Mercury Glass&Mirror will make doors for you, which will become a harmonious addition to your room.