Types and qualities of custom mirrors

Mercury Glass&Mirror produces mirrors of different shapes, sizes and purposes, which are an irreplaceable attribute in apartments, cottages and regular rooms. They have the ability to visually increase room space and make it seem more lighted. Many homeowners prefer to order custom mirrors in Miami, Florida rather than purchase a pre-manufactured item. The company offers a variety of options:
square mirror in bathroom
  • Specialized bathroom products;
  • Kitchen splashbacks;
  • Full length models;
  • Specialized closet mirrors;
  • Mirror partitions.
  • Both unusual and typical designer models are being made here. Unique custom mirrors in Miami, Florida are products, created for domiciles and commercial premises. The company’s employees are knowledgeable and the company itself is experienced in the field – that’s why defects are excluded during both manufacturing and installation. Our production comes with a long service life and is very resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. Our elite custom mirrors in Miami, Florida and other glass items are especially appealing.
    Recently there has been an increase in demand for smart mirrors. They are being produced with the help of innovative technologies.  Under the influence of current the mirror can become fully transparent without losing its reflective attributes. An item like this consists of two mirrors with a liquid crystal film between them. While dormant, the mirror is either glossy or matte. Running a low-voltage current through the film makes the mirror transparent. Products of this kind sometimes are being used as a substitute for window curtains since matte glass does not darken the room. Smart custom mirrors in Miami, Florida are being sought after across the globe.


    Full length models

    Enormous mirrors are in demand due to their functionality and appealing looks. Usually, they are being installed in:

    • Shoestores;
    • Dance studios
    • Fitness centers and gyms

    Thanks to their big size a person can perform a full-body inspection and objectively appraise their appearance. These mirrors are usually mounted to walls or set up on the floor. There is a big range of sizes, but by placing a custom order customers decide on the measurements themselves. A stylish rectangular mirror can be a centerpiece of any room. A moderately strict edging shades a classical interior of an entryway, a bedroom or a living room.

    Kitchen splashbacks

    Decorative mirror panels are designed to make a kitchen as attractive as it can be. Also, a mirror splashback effectively protects walls from stains during the cooking process. Their main advantage is their durability. They do not crack from temperature change and are easy to clean. No detergent can damage them in any way. Splashbacks are usually made from tempered glass that was hardened by heat treatment. To make decorative models more appealing they are engraved with intricate patterns. Thanks to their unique design custom mirrors in Miami, Florida seem light as air itself.

    Bathroom mirror features

    Each room has its own preferred model. Bathroom mirrors are being picked by:

    • Measurements have to take room area into account;
    • A round mirror is a good fit for a small bathroom. More sophisticated homeowners prefer trapezoid or multi-faceted mirrors with prominent edges;
    • Reflective coating. Either silver, titanium or aluminum;
    • Extras – heating, lighting, in-build display or shelves.

    A mirror with heating will never fog up or be covered in droplets from steam.

    Closet mirror types

    Mercury Glass&Mirror produces closet mirrors according to the customer’s demands as well as stocks up pre-manufactured items.

    Qualities of our company’s production:

    • A guarantee of long service life;
    • Visual expansion of room space;
    • Decorative attributes;
    • Perfect dispersion of light;
    • No additional furniture required
    The company’s unique items harmonize with any furnishing and always fit into any interior. Mirrors themselves are a part of interior because without them room design is less attractive and is being considered unfinished.

    Types of closet mirrors:

    • One-piece – one solid sheet;
    • A size- and shape-fitting slot will be cut in a closet door to insert and reliably fixate a mirror;
    • Mirror sections alternate with regular glass sections.
    • In this instance the aluminum part of the framework can serve as a reflective surface as well. All framed models utilize tempered glass.

    If there’s a mirror closet in the room, light will always be evenly dispersed. But its decorative attributes are no less important. Extra appeal can be achieved by engraving the mirror.

    Mirror partitions

    This solution is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Mirror partitions divide a room into functional areas. By combining a divider with a mirroring element, you get a feeling of space and feel more comfortable. Using mirror partitions of various shapes, sizes and colors, you can create a truly original design choice. Most mirror partitions possess sound-proofing qualities. The simplicity of installation is also a significant pro. But even so, it is still recommended to get help from our experienced employees.