Mirror form adjustment services

Mercury Glass&Mirror specializes on custom glass and mirrors in South Florida; their catalogue also contains shower screens, handrails, storefronts, partitions and many other glass products. You can choose from a wide variety of mirrors for kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms. By now hundreds of customers have made their choice between of manufacturer and shared their experience on our website. Mirror form adjustment in Miami, Florida is one of our most popular services; you can contact a company representative right now to learn more or order a service yourself.
mirror tiles for wall
If you need a mirror of a specific size, then mirror form adjustment in Miami, Florida is the service you need to solve your issue. In this case the required fragment is being cut from a solid sheet or a finished mirror is being cut to preference.

This work can be done by hand, but in that case you would need a glass cutter and a speed cutter. A frequent choice is an automatic glass cutting table since it’s designed for this specific task.

Mirror form adjustment in Miami, Florida is not always aimed at size changes. Clients also order complex contraptions consisting from multiple differently shaped mirrors. In this case the process is being handled by a water jet cutting machine.

Treating mirror edges

Mirror form adjustment in Miami, Florida is a process that consists of several stages. Specialists don’t simply change the size and shape of a mirror – they also have to make it convenient and safe to handle. The edges of a mirror are being smoothed down: they lose their sharpness, take a trapezoid shape and the surface becomes matte. In this case a frame is not a requirement – the mirror sheet is safe and handy on its own.

Professionals have research a lot of different glass processing methods. The most common of them are straight-edged and angled grinds. Specialized equipment in required for a proper result. Due to implementation of advanced machinery, glass cutting has become more available and less costly.

Another processing method is polishing. This option is more expensive than simple grinding. Polishing requires more work in terms of effort and, sometimes, additional expendables.

Mirror form adjustment in Miami, Florida demands a professional touch. Only then every stage of the process will be completed according to quality standards. Mercury Glass&Mirror collaborates only with highly experienced specialists in the field.

Today clients have access to a variety of services that are focused on processing and manufacturing of mirrors, glass and glass elements. Make a choice from a full spectrum of available options and our professionals will help you with creating an opulent glass or mirror masterpiece that will decorate your home or office for years to come.

Company’s produce and services

A big range of items is available for ordering:

  • Shower doors. Shower doors made from glass are not just a functional element of your interior – it is an eye-catcher as well. Durable glass and steel fasteners are being used to create a set of doors that will emphasize the interior’s elegance. We can produce doors of any size.
  • Glass railings. Another unique interior decoration is glass railings. They will give the room a dainty, light and spacious vibe.
  • Glass partitions. Glass partitions are an ideal replacement for regular doors. This solution is a perfect fit for premises where every inch must be used with maximum efficiency.
  • Smart glass. This innovative type of glass is able to change its opacity when exposed to an electric current. It can also be used as a substitute to curtains or blinds.
  • Custom products. Mercury Glass&Mirror’s clientele has access to any production from glass or mirrors imaginable. You can place a custom order for tabletops, ceilings, doors and anything else you can think of.
Mirrors and decorative elements made from mirrors have become an integral part of interior design for a house or an office a longtime ago. Thanks to services, provided by Mercury Glass&Mirror, you have the ability to completely transform any location by using these curious pieces of décor. You can order:

  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Kitchen mirror splashbacks
  • Full length mirrors
  • Mirror partitions
  • Closet mirrors

By contacting a company representative you can get a full info on any product, choose elements for your home or office and place an order.